About Secret Arts Tattoo Studio

Hello Everyone,

We hope you have a great day. Welcome to our private tattoo studio. We are based in Umalas Kerobokan (close to Canggu area). Here is the place that you can escape from industrial and find cozy place for tattooing also make yourself comfortable during your tattoo process.

Our Resident Tattoo Artist

Here we like to introduce our professional tattoo artist:


26 years old young man who dedicated on tattooing from 2015. Winning a lot of competition around Bali Exhibition Contest. Based on realism portrait/surrealism tattoo concept he always prefer the best conceptual tattoo design for his clients.


Billion of dots tattoo artist that what we called him always prefer original tattoo design. And of course a conceptual tattoo is the most important for him. Nine years being tattooing that must be a great experience for everyone get loked from him.


Made Ari Kusumajaya specializes in Surrealism and Japanese Oriental tattoo style and based in Bali, Indonesia. He also great to do tattoo Cover-up playing with heavy cover up in colors.

This 27 years old young man has six years experience in tattoo industry, had joined dozens tattoo contests all around Bali and all over Indonesia. By his great talent some awards from all those exhibitions he had participated, went to his hand. Patients and focus are his priority in every tattoo project to create great tattoo result. Base of his style, he prefer to make every Surrealism or Japanese Oriental tattoo concept in colors. 

Loyal and humble personality makes his guests comfortable to exchange ideas about the composition and tattoo concept, especially for cover up tattoo concept that is really important for him and his clients to always discuss early before starting every tattoo project.



Vincent Hendra specializes in pure Black and Grey (Greywash Style), Surrealism, Animal and Statue tattoo style.

Vincent has seven years experience in tattoo industry and actively participating in many tattoo contests local and international gained enough knowledge to establish himself as a professional tattoo artist.

His concern in doing what he loves as a Bali tattoo artist is quality, details and the most important one is unique concept and design.

A Workspace

We also set up a space for every tattoo artist who interesting to work together with us and their existing customers with.

Our Vision

We imagine there is a chance to change people mind about art, love the pain in every tattoo that you made and you will be proud with it. As customers, please trust your tattoo artist and they will do the best art for you. As artist never underestimate every design because there might a story behind their design.

Our Mission

Let’s educate and let people learn about our technique on tattoing. From the design, details and passion to do the best artwork to our loyal customers when we have been connecting each other there will become a great teamwork during tattoing.


Of course as one of the best Bali Tattoo Studio, we always use international standard tattoo equipments and everything that we use have to be steril, from the ink, needle tattoo gun (glove must be needed), needle (single use only) Ink (prefer vegan ink) and also have to be in a good condition.