8 Canggu Best Beaches You Must Visit

Bali has always been identical with Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur, but now there is another interesting place that you can visit while vacationing in the Island of the Gods. Especially for those who are beach lovers, of course this places should not be missed. This area, which is located approximately 20 minutes from Seminyak, is situated on the coast that extends up to 8 kilometers, called Canggu. There are so many touristy things to do in Canggu area.

So far, Canggu is known for 3 things, which are the rural atmosphere known with its beautiful rice fields, the rows of villas with various types and styles, and the beach waves which are popular spots for surfers around the world. In 2013, CNN placed Canggu Beach, which is located in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency as one of the World's 100 Best Beaches. Curious what the beach looks like? Here are the 8 Canggu best beaches you must visit while vacationing in Bali.

  • Canggu Beach
  • Echo Beach
  • Berawa Beach
  • Batu Bolong Beach
  • Pererenan Beach
  • Seseh Beach
  • Nelayan Beach
  • Mengening Beach

1. Canggu Beach

For those of you who are not too familiar, this is the beach that Cable News Network (CNN) ranked 39 on the list of 100 best beaches in the world in 2013. Among the many famous beaches in Bali, Canggu Beach is located in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, is one of the most worthy beaches to visit when you are on vacation in Bali.

Located about 20 minutes north of Kuta Beach, and not far from Legian Beach, Canggu Beach enchants millions of eyes with its black sand and big waves that are ideal for surfers. Uniquely, on the other side of the coast, you can also enjoy the yellowing rice fields, accompanied by the chirping of birds flying and the silhouette of the sun setting in the distance. This tourist spot is also equipped with various facilities, such as villas, resorts, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

2. Batu Mejan Beach (Echo Beach)

Still in Canggu Village, about 48 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport, Echo Beach can be the next destination for beach lovers. At first this beach was called Batu Mejan Beach, but after the construction of a beachside restaurant called Echo Beach House, the Echo Beach name has stuck in the ears of tourists until now.

Echo Beach is right next to Canggu Beach, and has a similar coastline to Legian and Kuta Beaches. This beach has a sloping stretch of brownish white sand, with large chunks of coral adorning the coast. Suitable activities to do in this place are swimming, sunbathing, or surfing while enjoying the sunset. Echo Beach offers a calm, quiet, and clean atmosphere because an organization called Club Surf Community in collaboration with surf schools always patrols the cleanliness of this place every day.

3. Berawa Beach

Located in Banjar Berawa, Canggu Village, approximately 15 km from downtown Denpasar, Berawa Beach should not go unnoticed. With a slightly remote location between housing and villas for rent, Berawa Beach is guaranteed not to disappoint you with its calm sea views and comfortable atmosphere.

The hallmark of this beach is the white sand beach and the strong waves for surfing. Local residents usually lay out mats while finishing the food they brought. Expats who rent villas around Berawa Beach often take their pets for walks on the beach. The existence of a restaurant that offers a delicious seafood menu also enlivens the atmosphere. So while eating fresh young coconut ice and grilled fish, visitors can enjoy the sunset.

4. Batu Bolong Beach

Entering the tourist attraction area in Canggu, Batu Bolong Beach can be reached in 40 minutes from the airport. The name of this beach is taken from the name of Batu Bolong Temple which stands firmly on the beach, where sometimes you can find Melasti ceremony processions by Hindu residents around Denpasar, Tabanan, Badung and surrounding areas as well.

Unlike other beaches in the South Bali area, Batu Bolong Beach has gray-black beach sand and big waves that are ideal for surfing. If you don't like surfing, there are also many activities that can be done in this place, such as sunbathing, swimming, or just taking pictures at sunset. The facilities here are also complete, including a large parking area, toilets, restaurants, surf board rentals and beach umbrellas.

5. Pererenan Beach

The stretch of black sand and corals along the coastline is the hallmark of Pererenan Beach. Offering a panoramic view of the high seas with large waves, this beach, which is part of Canggu traditional village area, has always been a favorite target for surfers.

Apart from the surfers who skillfully dance on the waves, this beach is also often visited by tourists who want to be alone and relax. The atmosphere is far from the crowds, and there are not many tourists passing by, making Pererenan Beach worthy of a visit by beach connoisseurs who want to find peace. This beach has even become a special route for horse safaris, usually at dusk and sunset on the western horizon.

6. Seseh Beach

If you like a calm and natural beach atmosphere, Seseh Beach can be an alternative for your vacation in Bali. Unlike the white sandy beaches of Kuta and Legian, this beach, which is located in Munggu Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, promises a beautiful natural panorama with black sandy beaches.

Before entering the beach area which is approximately 15 km from Denpasar City, visitors will enjoy a stretch of green rice fields. This beach has big waves with a wide coastline making it the most suitable for kitesurf and surfing activities. By local residents, Seseh Beach is also often used to hold religious ceremonies, such as Melasti and Melarung Bumi (Hindu Balinese purification ceremony and ritual). The facilities in this place are parking lots, villas, restaurants, cafes, and many more.

7. Nelayan Beach

Nelayan Beach is located between two other most popular beaches in Canggu, namely Batu Bolong Beach and Berawa Beach. This beach is usually used by fishermen as a stopover after fishing all night with fresh fish catches. Offering a serene beach atmosphere, Nelayan Beach is perfect for a sunset visit.

This beach is not very good for surfing because the waves are not too big like the Batu Bolong Beach. The tourists who come here usually sunbathe and play in the sand, enjoying a cold drink under the coconut trees that grow near the nearby villas. It is not recommended to come during the rainy season between December and February.

8. Mengening Beach

Located in Cemagi Village, Mengwi District, Badung Regency, Mengening Beach can be reached in approximately 60 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Like other typical beaches in the Canggu area, Mengening Beach offers the allure of black sand, coral rocks and the silhouette of Tanah Lot Temple in the distance.

Access to this beach is very easy, just pass Jalan Sunset Road which leads to Tanah Lot. The smooth paved road and views of the rice fields on either side of the road will make your trip amazing and comfortable. At high tide, the waves crashing against the rocks splash the sea water foam which is beautiful to look at. Especially when dusk comes, the silhouette of the temple on the rock is able to create an amazing photo effect.