Amazing Abstract Tattoo Style & Idea

Abstract art has solidified its place in art history, but it has only recently begun to make a name for itself in the tattoo art industry. The thing to know about abstract art is that this is an umbrella term that really refers to a wide variety of tattoos. 

Typically speaking, abstract art is any art that distorts forms and shapes that are more commonly found in reality. This means that the artist will use brushwork, lines and shapes that are meant to create an idea of a particular subject rather than creating an actual representation of that subject.

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What is Abstract Tattoo Style?

abstract tattoo meaning and idea

Abstract tattoos are those tattoos that will get you out of your comfort zone. They are also known as futuristic tattoos since they combine different abstract designs. You can do them anywhere on your body and they can have a lot of meaning to them. All in all, abstract tattoo design is something new and unique and is an excellent tattoo choice for everyone who wants to take their tattoo game to the next level!

What do Abstract Tattoos Mean?

abstract portrait tattoo express emotion

Abstract tattoos refer to designs that look more like pieces of art themselves. It’s not that other types of tattoos have nothing to do with art, but in this case, it’s something more. Abstract tattoos do not try to imitate or to picture anything real. It usually expresses the emotion or a feeling. 

Abstract tattoo style is for those who are tired of the traditional tattoo styles. And also for those who want something new. If you like to experiment and do not wish to be typical, abstract tattoos are perfect for you. This type of tats are very artistic and do not aim to imitate reality. It is very similar to abstract artworks. At first sight, it may seem like abstract tattoos don’t have any deeper meaning. But, they usually have much more than appearance.

Absctract Tattoo Style Design

geometric abstract tattoo style

Negative space tattoo style is often used with abstract tattoo designs. The desired shape or image is created by the background color or pattern forming around it, leaving the blank space to compose the image. This works best with less complicated designs so that the shape is conveyed clearly. The use of negative space can suggest something that the individual is lacking or missing, or simply be utilized because of its aesthetic appeal.

Portrait tattoos are another type of tattoo design that works well with an abstract theme because a portrait is rooted in art history. Abstract concepts are able to highlight certain features of a portrait or introduce images into the portrait that help to tell a story about the subject. A portrait may also serve as a template for other images that replace the face or features completely. In these designs, the images that cover the face or head may serve as a description of the person or subject or be chosen ironically to contrast the subject.