Incredible Watercolor Tattoo Style You’ll Love 

The watercolor tattoo style is fairly new, but timeless! A watercolor tattoo is a tattoo that creates a watercolor effect. Watercolor tattoos can be both abstract and very refined, and from bright colors to light pastel. Basically every tattoo idea can be executed as a watercolor piece. From a disney tattoo to band logo, from realistic flower to lettering, watercolor allows you to bring life and color to any tattoo.

  • What is A Watercolor Tattoo Style
  • Do Watercolor Tattoo Age Badly?
  • Watercolor Tattoo Ide and Design

What is A Watercolor Tattoo Style?

Watercolor tattoos design depend more on gradual shading

Watercolor-style tattoos are the new kid on the tattoo block. Using very little to no black and no outlines, this style of tattooing goes against conventional tattoo wisdom to create some truly beautiful images.

Watercolor tattoos depend more on gradual shading and subtle shifts in color than other styles of tattooing, which are marked by deep saturation of color and black outlines. The effect is gorgeous and results in truly unique artwork.

Do Watercolor Tattoo Age Badly?

incredible watercolor tattoo design

There are a lot of misconceptions about watercolor tattoos. There is no special set-up needed for this type of tattoo and also the ink is definitely not of worse quality. The artist merely uses a different technique for coloring and shading to create the desired effect. It is often thought that watercolor tattoos fade sooner than other tattoos. This is mainly due to the lighter colors used in these tattoos. Most tattoos will fade a bit with time, including the more traditional styles. An experienced tattoo artist with the right techniques, will create a tattoo that will look like new for many years. If the skin is properly cared for, any tattoo can receive a "retouch." To prevent fading, take the usual precautions such as avoiding a lot of direct sunlight.

Watercolor Tattoo Idea and Design

amazing Watercolor Tattoo Idea

Traditionally, a tattoo uses several solid areas of colors that combine to form a larger whole. Watercolor tattoos have a more gradual progression between colors as if they are blending into each other. Another big difference is that traditional tattoos have solid outlines while watercolor tattoos often don’t have it. By using "splatters" the watercolor effect is extra mimicked. This allows the artist to be very playful and to use his imagination more. By combining with other styles, beautiful and unique designs can be created, such as floral tattoo, phoenix tattoo, animals tattoo, feather and many more.

Like the fine art that has inspired its stylistic creation, Watercolor tattoos are usually beautiful, organic, graceful plays of color that use the skin as a canvas. If you are looking for a playful, soft and artistic tattoo then definitely consider a watercolor tattoo!