List of Activities & Attractions in Ubud Bali

Ubud is one of the popular holiday destinations in Bali. Below is a list of activities & attractions in Ubud Bali that are favorite for tourists. Hopefully it can answer your questions, regarding attractions and interesting things to do while on vacation in Ubud Bali.

1. Monkey Forest Ubud

monkey forest ubud attractions

Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the attractions in Ubud that must be visited. It is located in a protected forest area which is still beautiful and there are many monkeys inside. The forest area looks very beautiful with many large trees and is very lush. In addition, in the forest area there is also a Hindu temple named Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal Ubud.

The monkeys that inhabit the monkey forest in Ubud are tame. They will not bother you if you follow the guidelines and warnings posted throughout the forest area. Such of those warnings are to not pet the monkeys, don't step on monkey territory and don't play monkeys with food. To maintain the security and safety of visitors, there are many officers on guard in the forest area. Most of the visitors to Ubud's monkey forest tourist attraction are tourists who are on vacation with children and family or tourists who are on their honeymoon.

2. Ubud Ayung River Rafting Activities

Ubud Ayung River Rafting Activities

The tourist area of ​​Ubud Bali is also very famous for the spot of white water rafting activities. White water rafting is the next list of attractions in Ubud, carried out on the Ayung River Ubud. One of the reasons why many tourists like rafting on the Ayung river in Ubud, because the rafting activity on the Ayung river in Ubud is recreational, with a weak river current. If you want a more challenging rafting activity, then you should choose rafting on the Telaga Waja River, Karangasem.

3. Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud

the temple of Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud

Furthermore, Taman Saraswati Ubud Temple is a Hindu temple that is designated as a place to worship Dewi Saraswati. At the Taman Saraswati temple in Ubud, there are carvings typical of Ubud Bali, which has a lotus flower pond, surrounding the stage for Balinese dance performances. One type of Balinese dance that is performed in the temple is the Balinese Kecak Dance. Currently, the tourist attraction of Taman Saraswati Ubud temple is very attractive to tourists who like to upload photos on Instagram.

4. Watch the Kecak Dance Performance in Ubud

One of the favorite activities of tourists while on vacation to Ubud, is watching Balinese dance performances. One of the favorite Balinese dance performances for tourists is the Kecak Dance. If at Uluwatu Temple, the Kecak dance performance is in one place, then it is different from Ubud. The venue for the Kecak dance performances in Ubud is in many places, with different schedules.

Kecak dance performances in Ubud are usually held every Wednesday and Saturday and the performance starts at 19.30. If you are interested in watching the Ubud Kecak dance performance, find out in advance the schedule for the performance so you can select the date and time suit you.

5. Arma Ubud Museum

Another attractions in Ubud Bali is the Arma Ubud Museum. The Agung Rai Art Museum or better known as the Arma Ubud museum, was built on land that has an up and down land contour. One of the reasons many tourists visit the Arma Ubud museum, because it has a garden design which is very thick with Balinese cultural nuances. Like the Lily Pound and orchid plants neatly arranged in the garden area.

6. Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud

There are many terraced rice fields on the island of Bali, but only the Tegallalang rice terraces and Jatiluwih terraced rice fields which are famous and get a lot of tourist visits. This is because the terraced rice fields of Tegallalang are located on a cliff area so that the shape of the terrace becomes unique and beautiful.

Iconic photos of Ubud nature are mostly taken in the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. At the Tegallalang rice terraces attraction in Ubud, you will be able to see a stretch of terraced rice fields with a fairly steep slope. There are many cafes on the side of the road by the rice fields, with direct views of the Tegallalang terraced rice fields.

If you like hanging out with natural views, then the Tegallalang rice terraces attraction in Ubud is one of the place that you must visit. Most of the tourists who visit the Tegallalang rice terraces are tourists who have finished their trip at Kintamani tourist attractions. Because the route of the Kintamani tourist spot is the same path to the Tegallalang rice terraces.

7. Goa Gajah Tourism Object

If you are on vacation to Goa Gajah tourist spot, don't expect to see elephants. Because the Goa Gajah tourist attraction is a cave that was used as a place to meditate during the 10-14 century AD. If you want to see elephants or ride on elephants, please visit the Elephant Park in Taro Ubud. The attraction that makes tourists like to visit Goa Gajah is because Goa Gajah is an archaeological site, with a unique carving shape where you can enter the cave area. The room area in the cave is very small. In the front area of ​​the cave there is a large pond and there are five statues.

8. Tirta Empul Temple Tampak Siring

If you have heard of the Tampak Siring Presidential Palace, next to it is the location of the Tirta Empul Temple. The main attraction of the temple lies in the natural springs inside the temple area. Water from natural springs, flows to the outside of the temple in the form of a water fountain. The water from the shower is very clean and fresh. To enter the area inside the temple, you must use a sarong and a scarf tied around your waist. You can rent sarongs and scarves in the area where you can buy admission tickets.

9. Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple

While the temple usually stands on a piece of land, the Gunung Kawi temple is located on a cliff. The tourist attraction of the cliff temple of Gunung Kawi is an archaeological site. The main attraction besides the unique location of the temple which is inside the cliff, is also because this place is very beautiful, with the sound of splashing water from the Pakerisan River.

10. Neka Ubud Museum

The next attractions in Ubud Bali is The Neka Ubud Museum. If you want to see some art works from one of the famous best painter in Indonesia, Mr. Affandi, then Neka Ubud Museum, must be in your vacation activity list in Bali. At Neka Ubud Museum, there are two collections of paintings by Affandi available.

11. Ubud Puri Lukisan Museum

If you want to specifically see a collection of paintings from local Ubud artists, the Puri Lukisan Ubud Museum is one that you can visit. In addition to paintings by local Ubud painters, the main attraction that makes many tourists visit the Puri Lukisan Museum lies in the very magnificent Balinese architectural building which is very beautiful.

12. Ubud Blanco Museum

Ever heard of the painter Don Antonio Blanco? This painting museum is also situated in Ubud Bali. Don Antonio Blanco is a painting maestro who was born in the Philippines and is known as an eccentric artist. You can see this in the form of museums and paintings. The Blanco Ubud Museum is located on the top of a hill and overlooking the Campuhan river valley.

13. Watching Barong Dance – Ubud Bali Tourism Activities

If in the morning the Barong dance performance is in Batubulan village, Gianyar. Meanwhile, at night, the Barong dance performance is in the tourist area of ​​​​Ubud Bali. If you are interested in watching the barong dance in Ubud, you can find information easily on staging schedules, show locations and admission fees to watch the Barong Ket dance in Ubud Bali.

14. Kemenuh Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall tourist attractions are currently very popular among teenage tourists who like to upload photos to Instagram. Tegenungan Waterfall, which is not located exactly in Ubud Bali, but is very close to the Ubud tourism area.

The Tegenungan Kemenuh waterfall tourist attraction, almost every day is crowded with tourist visits. The reason is because the location is close to the tourist spot Sukawati art market and the Bali Zoo Gianyar tourist spot. The height of the waterfall is about 16 meters, but the falling water splash is very large and heavy.

15. Ubud Royal Palace

Furthermore, the Ubud Royal Palace is one of the most visible tourist attractions when you enter the central area of Ubud. Because the Palace is located on the main road in Ubud, namely Jalan Raya Ubud. The location of the Ubud Royal Palace is right in the middle of the tourist attraction area of Ubud Bali and its location is close to the location of the Ubud art market, as well as the Ubud Monkey Forest.

The royal palace of Ubud, also named Puri Saren Agung and more famously known as Puri Ubud. It is the residence of the king of Ubud, Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati. When you visit Puri Saren Agung Ubud, you will be able to see Balinese architecture that is very well maintained with a beautiful garden setting.

If during your vacation in Ubud you are interested in watching Balinese dance performances, then Puri Saren Agung Ubud is a must visit. Because every night at the Ubud Royal Palace, dance performances are held, such as the Barong Ubud Dance or the Legong Keraton Dance.

16. Ubud Art Market

Maybe you've heard of the Sukawati Art Market, a place to buy Balinese souvenirs at low prices! In the tourist area of ​​Ubud there is also an art market popular known as the Ubud Art Market. The location of the Ubud Art Market is close to the location of the Ubud Royal Palace and is open every day. Because the location of the Ubud Art Market is close to the central area of ​​Ubud, making the Ubud Art Market, one of the best shopping places to buy Balinese handicrafts and souvenirs.

Ubud art market also sells local handicrafts for souvenirs at low prices, similar to the Sukawati Art Market in Gianyar. You can find handmade woven bags, basket woven baskets, and many other handcrafted items.

17. Campuhan Hill / Ubud Love Hill

Furthermore, Campuhan Hill for some reason is now often referred to as the hill of Love. The Campuhan hill area is visited by many tourists who like to walk in the green hill area, especially before sunset. The streets in the hill area of ​​Campuhan Ubud are known as Campuhan Ridge Walk.

When you walk in the area along the Campuhan ridge, you will be able to see views of the hills, trees and some views of the terraced rice fields as you see in the Jatiluwih terraced rice fields.

It's only an hour's walk to the end of the hill and then back. But most likely you will spend more time because you will be taking photos. Along the hill trail area, shade is almost non-existent. So, it's a good idea for you to take a walk in the Campuhan hill in the morning or evening around 16:30.

18. Bali Swing Ubud

One of the holiday activities in Ubud Bali that is currently being hype and popular for Instagram photos is the Bali swing ride. In addition, on the island of Bali there are many locations for Bali swing activities. However, the most famous location is in Ubud Bali.

19. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

The last list of attractions in Ubud Bali is The Kanto Lampo Waterfall. The location of this beautiful waterfall is not too far from central Ubud. The uniqueness of Kanto Lampo Waterfall, is found in the terraced walls of the waterfall. Currently Kanto Lampo waterfall is not a hidden waterfall location, because almost every day Kanto Lampo waterfall is crowded with tourist visits.

Furthermore, to enter the Kanto Lampo waterfall area, visitors will pay an entrance ticket around IDR 10,000 / person. Most tourists who are in the Kanto Lampo waterfall will do bathing activities, and take photos with the waterfall background.

If you would like to have a tattoo on your body while having holiday in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, you might want to visit some Ubud tattoo studio which are available around the area of Ubud. There are so many talented local tattoo artists that ready to make your tattoo wishes come true.