The Garter Tattoo Style, Ideas & Designs

The Garter Tattoo Style is so popular because it is fashionable, sexy, and timeliness. The garter belt was worn by both men and women, it looks like a ribbon or elastic band that holds the stockings at the level of the hock. Then, over the centuries, it evolved into a female accessory. Over time, it evolved and eventually brought forth the garter belt, which today is the main symbol of a certain kind of eroticism.

Anyone can get one of the garter tattoo style, but the majority of them are worn by women since garters and garter belts are traditionally a woman’s garment and these designs have many meanings associated with being a lady. On this page we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why you might choose to get a garter tattoo and discover the different meanings and symbolism of this garter belt garment, as well as the places on the body to get a garter belt tattoo.

What can a garter belt mean in a tattoo?

The perfect place for a garter belt tattoo

From 1930 to 1940, women wore garter belts to carry things they wanted to keep safe. In some movies, the heroine sometimes pulls a gun on a garter belt! We can only think of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in which a famous tattoo fan plays and carries a gun held by a garter belt.

As early as the Middle Ages, the bride had to wear a garter - the husband or other men invited to the wedding had to remove it from the young woman's leg. If you manage to steal a garter at a wedding reception, it can bring you good luck! It is considered a good sign.

The garter belt, which later replaced the suspender belt, became popular thanks to fashion shows and cinema with classics. In the 1970s, the suspender belt was no longer purely utilitarian, it possessed great erotic power and symbolized above all femininity and charm.

The perfect place for a garter belt tattoo?

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There are limited places to get a garter belt tattoo! The leg is the perfect place to showcase your body with a garter belt tattoo on your skin. On the other hand in terms of styles: all possibilities are imaginable.

Some lace-inspired tattoos with embellishments can have a beautiful garter belt worn around the leg, while other young women may opt for a more classic garter belt. The garter tattoo is available in thousands of designs with multiple colour combinations, but black is commonly used while creating a tattoo

Is taking a garter belt tattoo painful?

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Yes, it’s painful to add a garter belt tattoo on your body because, in the tattoo making process, your skin is continuously punched and damaged by an ink-filled needle. We cannot estimate the proper pain level because it may depend on different factors. Pain is a must, but the level of pain and discomfort depends on your age, pain tolerance and garter belt tattoo making area. 

Generally, the most painful area of making garter tattoo style is less fat and tiny skin. The area with tiny skin hurt more because of not enough recovery cells. The most painful area include the knees, fingers, neck, arms/elbow and chest.