Visit Us at The Bali Tattoo Expo 2023

Since its inception in 2016, the Bali Tattoo Expo has captivated audiences as the largest annual tattoo event in Bali, running for three consecutive days. The expo serves as a gathering place for a wide range of tattoo artists, attracting both local talents from Bali, national artists from Indonesia and renowned international artists. Now entering its sixth edition, the expo will take place at the Bali Creative Industry Center, providing an immersive experience for tattoo enthusiasts from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023.

The Bali Tattoo Expo is set to host a multitude of talented tattoo artists representing various studios from Indonesia and abroad. This year's event will feature participants from numerous countries, including Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and many more. With such a diverse lineup, attendees can expect an impressive showcase of artwork that reflects different styles, cultures and perspectives. The organizers have confirmed the presence of these studios, guaranteeing a vibrant and internationally diverse atmosphere at the expo.

As one of Top Rated Bali Tattoo Studio, Secret Arts Tattoo for sure participating in the Bali Tattoo Expo 2023. This time 4 resident tattoo artists of Secret Arts Tattoo will perform in the Indonesia’s biggest tattoo event.

@turah_ink@endrydharma@vincenthendra_tattoos@a.k__tattoo of @the.secret.arts will be attending @balitattooexpo June 30th - July 2nd, 2023. If you interested to make Tattoo appointment or get special offers or special price, catch them in Bali Tattoo Expo 2023 or contact directly the artists or the Secret Arts Private Tattoo Studio.

bali tattoo expo 2023 in bali

The Bali Tattoo Expo 2023 will be the perfect place to explore and learn about different tattoo genres, histories, trends and techniques, and for a glimpse into the niche and complex culture of tattooing and body art. Nowhere else can you see the crème of the crop tattoo live, get tattooed on the spot yourself, meet the industry’s most talented or even discover your next artist and make yourself a future appointment.

It’s not only an incredible line-up of tattoo artist, the Bali Tattoo Expo is also home to body piercing and tattoo related merchandise and thrilling sideshow entertainment, not to mention the tattoo contest, pitting incredible talent against each other to win the trophy in each tattoo style category.

The first Bali Tattoo Expo was held in 2016 and organised by Magic Ink, a free tattoo community magazine based in Denpasar. The original idea of Bali Tattoo Expo was to create a wider network.

The Bali Tattoo Expo 2023 will bring the tattoo community to have a wider network and the tattoo artists can promote their work to a wider audience local and international.