Endry Dharma

Born February 1990. Based in Bali, Indonesia. Endry Dharma specialise in geometric, ornamental and dotwork tattoo style.

Endry Dharma | Secret Arts Tattoo - Private Tatttoo Studio

Meet our Geometry Tattoo Artist, a visionary who transforms the skin into a canvas of precision and symmetry. With a passion for the harmonious balance of shapes and lines, this artist specializes in creating mesmerizing geometric designs that seamlessly fuse artistry with mathematical elegance.

Within our studio, the atmosphere reflects the artist's commitment to precision and aesthetics. Clean lines, minimalistic decor, and carefully chosen lighting contribute to an environment where geometry takes center stage. Every tattoo session becomes a collaboration between the artist and the client, resulting in creations that are not only visually striking but also deeply meaningful.

Endry Dharma | Secret Arts Tattoo - Private Tatttoo Studio

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