Vacation Idea: 10 Best Things to do in Ubud

One of the most popular destinations in Bali, Ubud is only 40 km from Bali Airport. If you Google “how to go to Ubud“, you’ll find tons of results, and it’s very easy.

Book a flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport and then continue with an hour drive from there. That’s it. You’ll find yourself in one of the most amazing places in the world.

The next question is, what to do in Ubud? With myriad options of tourist attraction in Ubud, there are tons of things you can do. Among the must-do list, here are 10 best things to do in Ubud.

1.     Going to waterfall

Waterfalls in Ubud are particularly remarkable. You can enjoy the beautiful, picturesque scenery like no other. In addition, you can also swim in several waterfalls that are safe for swimming. It’s very enjoyable and revitalizing.

While in Ubud, explore some breath-taking waterfalls, such as Goa Rang Reng Waterfall, Kuning Waterfall, Tibumana Waterfall, and Taman Sari Waterfall.

Tegenungan Waterfall, another well-known waterfall, is also easily accessible from downtown Ubud. It’s one of the most popular among tourists and many people like swimming there, especially young kids.

2.     Enjoying massage

Bali is famous for its massage; even Balinese scrubs have spread throughout Indonesia. So, be sure to indulge in a spa treatment and herbal massage while you’re in Ubud. It’s the perfect time to unwind after a long day of sightseeing or rigorous walking.

Finding a massage parlor in Ubud is fairly easy, and the hourly rate is only about 150 thousand rupiahs.

3.     Enjoy traditional dance Kecak

Among the many things to do in Ubud, the traditional Kecak dance is a must-see performance. You can enjoy the fantastic performance of the local dancers every Monday at the Junjungan village temple.

4.     Walking in terrace

Take the time to visit the iconic sights of Bali, which is famous for its green rice fields and slopes. In Tegallalang rice terraces, which are sometimes referred to as the Ceking terrace or Tegallalang, rice paddies are a beautiful sight of descending tiers, irrigated using Bali’s traditional Subak techniques.

5.     Visiting temples

There are so many temples that you can visit in Ubud. One of which is Gunung Kawi Temple, one of Bali’s most significant and historic landmarks. It is an 11th-century temple with a place of worship carved into the rock.

Near Gunung Kawi Temple, you will find Tirta Empul water temple. Local Hindus visit this location to bathe in holy water for ceremonial purification.

6.     Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest is one of Ubud’s most well-known attractions. The trip will take you through the jungle, where you will also find temples and banyan trees. If you don’t want to be surrounded by slightly aggressive monkeys, never bring or give food.

7.     Visiting Ubud Palace

The Ubud Palace is an ancient Bali architectural complex with numerous carvings and lovely courtyards. Also known as Puri Saren Agung, Balinese people can trace their history back to this location.

It would be fantastic to snap pictures of the background of this palace since it has a lovely view.

8.     Explore Bali Elephant Sanctuary

Things to do in Ubud are not only about culture and breathtaking views. You can also see rescued Sumatran elephants in Mason Elephant Park.

The park began operations in 1997 and has since remained open and under excellent management. In this sanctuary, you can see the rescued elephants healthy and happy. Being able to play with them is a bonus!

9.     Join an Art or Cooking Class

Got extra time? Why not take classes? Numerous courses in Ubud provide classes in painting, silver jewelry design, batik creation, and other art forms. This activity is suitable for all ages.

Apart from art classes, there is also a cooking class with Payuk Bali. Making offerings and preparing traditional food are among the exciting activities you’ll get to experience here.

10.  Shopping at Ubud Art Market

Be on the lookout for one-of-a-kind keepsakes. One market where you can find numerous handicrafts is the Ubud Art Market. You can also go shopping at Ubud’s boutiques and other locations, where you’ll find distinctive, high-quality items.

These are the top ten things to do in Ubud. Don’t forget to visit all the main tourist attractions in Ubud and snap tons of pictures. Have fun!