You can always get a tattoo at every tattoo shop in the corners, then of course you will look for the best Umalas tattoo studio! Secret Arts Tattoo Studio is located in Umalas, one of the famous tourist area in Canggu, Bali.

Umalas is a mainly residential area in the southern part of Bali. It is located east of Seminyak and Canggu area with good access to the airport and Kerobokan area. It offers a very strategic location to reach the surrounding areas as well as Sunset road and the airport. Even if there is no direct access to the beach in Umalas, the area has a lot more to offer. Umalas attracts with a tranquil Balinese lifestyle, away from the hustle and spared of huge traffic. More and more international and local restaurants and cafes are opening up and offering a variety of choices.

Umalas Tattoo Studio

By viewing our portfolio you will soon see that we are the right tattoo shop to get your new tattoo! Our Umalas Tattoo Studio is located in popular Canggu area and is easily accessible by public transport or car.

All tattoo artists in Secret Arts Tattoo have a unique style with high quality. Only the best tattooists with their own style work with us, so you can come to us for every tattoo style.

Everyone comes for a tattoo with quality. Not only do we meet visitors from the the locals, but we also regularly have foreign visitors in our tattoo studio. Because we are centrally located in one of the famous touristic area in Bali, therefore Secret Arts Umalas Tattoo Shop is easily accessible for visitors from far away as well as for visitors up close.

We take care all of our visitors down to the last detail when it comes to getting a tattoo. Tattooing is therefore often experienced by our visitors as an outing and a special moment. We therefore always try to inform you well before getting a tattoo. Come by and taste the atmosphere in our Secret Arts Umalas Tattoo Studio.