Celebration of Secret Arts Tattoo Studio 1st Anniversary

August 7th, 2022 is our celebration of Secret Arts Tattoo Studio 1st Anniversary. It’s been an extremely fun, crazy and challenging time during this past 12 months and it has all been worth it.

When Secret first opened the doors, they had no idea what was going to happen. It was just Turah Ink and Endry Dharma going in and busting their ass to make the studio running.

A few months in, some guest tattoo artists came to the studio working together with the Secret. Some of them are Ben Mulyo, Ridho, John Artistica, Gerry Prana, Badtrip Acid and Uncle_G. Thanks guys for all your support four our studio and we can’t wait to working together with all of you again ini the future.

We have had more guest artists as well come and go. Then our collegue, Ari Kusuma joined the team, and we are glad to say that he is still with us and booking out like it’s nobody’s business. After that, Turah Ink & Endry Dharma long time friend, Vincent Hendra decided to join the team. We are so happy working together again, like it should be when we were just junior artits.

Currently this is the best crew we could have ever hoped for to be at Secret Arts Tattoo Studio (@the.secret.arts )! Now 4 resident tattoo artists, @turah_ink, @endrydharma, @a.k__tattoo and @vincenthendra_tattoos are ready to offer the best tattoo experiences for all tattoo enthusiasts. 

Well cheers to all of the fun times, the pizza parties, the engagements and to all of those that we’ve lost over the 12 months!

A big thank you goes out to our parents, our brother, our friends who all supported us years ago when we first started slinging ink, our tattoo family and especially all of you for your continued support. Here’s to the year of uncertainty, craziness, endurance and tats! We look forward to the many years to come.