Designs, Ideas & Meaning of Geometric Tattoo Style

Geometric tattoo styles are intricate and stunning to look at. You will notice a few different approaches to this technique. 

Other geometric tattoos are simple and use basic lines to incorporate the geometric design. You can find some pretty stunning designs that create illusions you can not look away from.

These can have color or can only be found in black and gray ink. The options for geometric tattoo styles can be quite endless. The most common symbol used in geometric tattoos is a mandala, although you will often see dodecahedrons as well. These tattoos are considered spiritual in nature because of the symbols often used in these pieces.

In some ancient cultures, this type of tattoo was part of a spiritual ceremony that would indicate your social status. Sacred geometric tattoos are part of this trend that has become very popular.

The geometric patterns used in this style of tattoo focus on shapes and patterns found in the natural world, usually with ties to religious icons. These are perfect shapes, perfectly symmetrical and absolutely beautiful. Common symbols in these tattoos are the spiral of the golden ratio and the Gordian knot.

Certain geometric shapes represent different things, such as the tetrahedron can symbolise fire while the cube represents earth. Some credit the rise in popularity of dotwork tattoos for the rise in popularity of geometric tattoos. These are styles that really go hand in hand, as most professionals use dotwork techniques to create these masterpieces.

Different tattoo artists put their own spin on these works, creating something unique as their clients. This is a style trend that is not going away anytime soon. Only the most skilled tattoo artists can draw out the intricate details that make this style of tattoo really stand out.

It can take a lot of time and experience to become masters of this art form, so make sure you only trust the most experienced tattoo artist. Take a look around to see all the different geometric tattoos and get an idea of how varied this genre of tattoo can be.

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