Fine Line Tattoo Styles for Minimalism Enthusiast

What is a fine line tattoo?

A fine line tattoo is a tattoo that is set with fine thin lines. These lines can differ. A fine line tattoo can consist entirely of fine lines or a mix of very fine lines and somewhat coarser line work can be used. When you choose a combination of different lines, you create a nice contrast in the line work of the tattoo.

You can also choose to make very fine straight or curved lines with only one needle. In this way you can get a tattoo that is really super detailed, while the tattoo is not really in your face. This is much more subtle. This gives the final result a very fine, soft look. This form of tattoo is very popular for flower designs, names, texts and more detailed images.

When to choose a fine line tattoo?

This style of tattooing lends itself perfectly to minimalist graphics, text, sound waves, names, outlines and sharp images. Because thinner needles are used, it also feels a little less painful than larger, especially colored tattoo.

You can also choose to combine a fine line tattoo with a realistic black and grey tattoo. Think of that bunch of flowers that is half realistically tattooed and the other half in fine line. The art of omission is the strength of the design. You can complement the lines with a spot color or dotwork. It’s just what you like.

How do I take care of a fineline tattoo?

A fineline tattoo is taken care of in the same way as a normal tattoo. The only difference is that a fine line tattoo is often healed a bit earlier. Also, you often have less problems with itching and crusting. Because of the special needles that are used, you would also feel just a little less pain when getting the tattoo.

Moreover, the skin does not need to be pierced too deeply for this type of tattoo, so your skin needs a little less time to recover. So there are only advantages to fine line tattoo. Yet even here the basic rules apply. You will have to stay out of the sun for a while, you can’t swim and of course you have to put lotion on the tattoo and keep it greasy.