Portrait Tattoos Style, Ideas & Their Meanings

A lot is possible with tattoos these days. Images can be tattooed more and more realistically. The portrait tattoos styles goes one step further. The person or animal that you have tattooed should not only look ‘real’, but should also look like the original.

Types of portraits

In principle, anything that has been life-like recreated may be called a portrait. Nevertheless, a distinction is usually made between portraits and other realistic tattoos. With portraits you should think of persons and animals. If you are a big fan of, for example, Elvis Presley or Angelina Jolie you can choose a portrait of that person. Family members or friends are also tattooed. Animals also do well as portraits, both wild animals and pets.

Reasons for having portrait

People have different reasons for getting a portrait tattooed. If done properly, portraits are a beautiful way to decorate the body. Since they are recognisable people and animals, there is often a meaning behind the tattoo. You may simply be a huge fan of a particular actor or singer. Others choose a portrait as a tribute to a family member or friend. For example, one of the most frequently tattooed portraits is that of babies and young children. Proud parents like to have a beautiful photo of their son or daughter put on their body. Possibly with the name or a text like “Daddy’s little girl”. A pet is often tattooed as a reminder, especially if it has passed away. With a portrait you stay connected to the person or animal, and you can always carry it with you.

The perfect real-life tattoo

Tattooing a real-life portrait is not easy. In fact, it is the most difficult tattoo there is. Besides the fact that the lines have to be right, there are also a lot of details in the image. Only if all these details are applied properly will the result be beautiful. It is therefore important to do proper research and go to a tattoo artist with the right knowledge. Someone who can do beautiful old school tattoos does not have to be an expert in portraits. Someone who is, can best inform you about what is possible and give you the best result. At Secret Arts Bali Tattoo, we select the most suitable tattoo artist for each job. That way we can ensure you the best result. We do recommend that you prepare yourself well before coming to our shop.

Portrait Foto

It is important to choose the right photo. A tattoo artist needs this to create a portrait. The photo must represent the person or animal as you want it to be. The chances of failure are increased if there is a deviation from the original. Someone who looks serious in the photo will never come out smiling properly. Therefore, choose it carefully, especially if it is a person. Also, make sure the photo is of good quality. If in doubt, you can always bring several photos. The tattoo artist can then help you make the right choice.

Location for Portrait Tattoo Placement

The place where you get the tattoo is very important. Because of the large amount of detail, it is unwise to get the tattoo in a place where the skin will wrinkle with age. In addition, portraits are usually set fairly large, so there should be enough space to do them justice. The upper arm, shoulder and calf do very well.

Black & Grey Tattoo Style

Most portrait tattoos are done in black and grey. By using different shades of gray, many details can be incorporated into the tattoo. Because of this large amount of detail, a portrait is not suitable for use as a cover-up tattoo, and is itself difficult to cover. A lot of shadow work is used, with the pieces of skin that are not tattooed providing a nice and natural contrast. This contrast is not good to get if part of the skin is already tattooed and can be difficult to incorporate into a new tattoo. It is also possible to tattoo with color. The risk then, however, is that there will be a mismatch of colors, and the image will therefore have a look that is too dark or bright. Find the tattoo artist who can meet your needs.


A good portrait tattoo is a beautiful work of art. It is indistinguishable from the original and grabs the soul of the person or animal. It is good to be choosy when choosing your tattoo artist. That way you can avoid bad results. The tattoos in this article were done by our tattoo artists at Secret Arts. Our goal is to deliver good quality. In all cases we will inform and guide you to make the right choice. We believe that a beautiful portrait is not only the pride of the wearer, but also of the tattoo artist.

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