6 Cool Things to Do in Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu is located all the way in the south of Bali and should not be missed if you are looking for fine beaches, good food and fun parties in Bali. Jump on your scooter and explore the high cliffs, azure seas, white beaches and the cutest joints of Uluwatu. This is a lovely place that has still managed to retain its laid-back atmosphere.

There are plenty of good restaurants and hotels in Uluwatu but you won’t find mass tourism like in Kuta or Seminyak. Below are our best tips for what to do in Uluwatu.

  • Explore the most beautiful beaches in Uluwatu
  • Have a drink at The Rock Bar during sunset
  • See Kecak dance at the Uluwatu Temple
  • Sunday sessions at Single Fin and reggae party at Padang Padang
  • Having good food in Uluwatu
  • Stay at PinkCoco or BoHo Hills

#1 Explore the most beautiful beaches of Uluwatu

Uluwatu has many beautiful white beaches. We have visited most of the beaches and share our favorite spots with you below.

Padang Padang

This beach is one of the favourite surf spots in Bali. The beach is fairly crowded because it is not very big, but you can have a good time watching all the surfers in the water. Padang Padang is very central, close to all the restaurants and stores.

Nyang Nyang

This is a snow white beach that is several kilometers long. There is a good chance that you have this beach almost all to yourself. From the mountain, where you have to park your scooter, you have a view over the beach and the ocean. Be sure to climb down for a refreshing dip in the blue water.

Dreamland Beach

This is our favourite beach in Uluwatu. The sand is white, the sea is blue and the waves are huge when the tide is out. You can definitely have a good time there for an afternoon watching people get swamped by the waves or challenging yourself to go into the sea.

#2 Have a drink at The Rock Bar during sunset

This bar is part of Ayana Resort and from the bar you can watch the most brilliant sunset in all of Bali. Head here around four o’clock and order a cocktail. If you go later, there’s a good chance you’ll have to stand in line. If you have a bit more budget, you can also eat delicious food here. You can also choose to stay a few nights at the Ayana Resort and pamper yourself. This is one of the best resorts in Bali!

#3 Kecak dance at the Uluwatu Temple

This is also definitely not to be missed if you are in Uluwatu. Okay, it’s very touristy but that definitely has its reasons. Go here around five o’clock, walk to the different viewpoints at 100 meters and enjoy the sunset. Watch out for the monkeys because they could chewing on your sunglasses and a cap. So put your stuff away in your bag and you’ll probably be fine. Around 5:30, buy a ticket for the dance performance for IDR 100,000. Kecak Dance is a unique traditional Balinese dance with drama and something you must have seen! The performance lasts just under an hour.

#4 Sunday sessions at Single Fin and reggae party at Padang Padang

Single Fin is the place to be in Uluwatu! This is a restaurant and bar overlooking the ocean where every evening around 5-6pm everyone gathers. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails and great tunes. On Sunday it’s extra fun because then there is a party from 8 pm to 2 am. In addition, every Saturday there is a reggae party at Padang Padang. During the week there is always a party to be found somewhere. Ask around and you’ll know where it’s happening that day.

#5 Good food in Uluwatu

Uluwatu has many good restaurants where they serve the most healthy dishes. Here are some of the best. La Baracca is by far the popular one in Uluwatu. They have a very extensive menu, good pizzas and you can make your own salad. Very trendy place! Suka Espresso, next to La Baracca, is the place to go for tasty sandwiches, a delicious smoothie or a good cappuccino. Suka has only been open a few months and is already ranked #1 on TripAdvisor. Then there is Bukit Café. This is where you come for your daily dose of vitamin. They serve delicious bowls and pancakes for breakfast, refreshing salads for lunch and good burgers for dinner. If you are looking for some luxury then you should go to Dugong. This is an incredibly beautiful restaurant with an infinity pool and nice sunbeds. Have a drink and snack here and take a dip in the pool. Also, the sunset here is again insane.

#6 Stay at PinkCoco or BoHo Hills

In Uluwatu, you can stay at unique hotels for relatively little money. BoHo Hills has the most beautiful rooms overlooking the pool. Here you really feel like paradise. This is pure luxury! PinkCoCo is a super cool hotel that is all pink. It is the best of Bali combined with the best of Ibiza. The rooms are very nicely decorated, with an outdoor shower and there are many nice seating areas to relax. There is a pool and you are centrally located so there are many nice restaurants nearby. PinkCoCo is also highly recommended for your stay in Uluwatu! If you want to have a tattoo placement while vacationing in Uluwatu area you might want to consider Secret Arts Bali Tattoo Studio. Check their profile first at their lovely website!