Artist Who Have Worked with Us

Here are some of the best Indonesian tattoo artists who have worked with Secret Arts Tattoo Studio.


Uncle Gondrong specializes in handtapping and fussion ornament tattoo.


Christian Adi aka Badtrip is a 30 years old tattoo artist who specialise in Blackwork, Dotwork, Abstract & Texture Tattoo Concept.

Gerry Prana

Gerry Prana specializes in Handpocked and Fineline tattoo style.


John specializes in all things horror tattoo and dark art tattoo concept.


Ridho aka The Black Glory specializes in Blackout Tattoo.

Ben Mulyo

Ben Mulyo Wicaksono specializes in make art (3d model and tattoo) concept.


Vincent Hendra is a tattoo artist specialising in Realism in Textures & Detail.

Tentass Tattoo

Tentass Tattoo is our Guest artist from Thailand, Specialize in Blackwork, Dot Work, and Mandala.

Ramona Ink

Ramona Ink is our Guest Artist from Russia, Specialize Graphic Realism.


Shii is our Guest Artist from Vietnam , Specialize in Abstract - Visual Effect.