Be Inspired with Negative Space Tattoos

Negative Space Tattoos are designs that are created by using skin as part of the image and inking pigments to contour areas to create a visual. Rather than using an outline to create the tattoo’s image, negative space tattoos use the skin as the outline and the pigment as the normally “blank” parts of a design. 

  • What is Negative Space Tattoos Style?
  • Saving Time with Negative Space Design Tattoo
  • The Location of Negative Space Tattoos on Your Body
  • Negative Space Tattoos from Any Designs

What is Negative Space Tattoos Style?

Negative tattoos recently became popular among people who use tattoos for self-expression. Instead of going with traditional styles and not standing out, as is partly the idea of a tattoo, negative tattoos raise the bar of wanting to be different.

The negative space tattoos put an emphasis on an image by contrasting your skin with black or coloured ink. They are essentially a reverse image, using your skin as the main subject. In simpler terms, your skin forms the image, rather than the ink.

These types of tattoos are unique because artists have to essentially ink a reverse image. Just like creating a stamp, the artist is carving out the parts that don’t touch the skin with ink and highlighting the major parts of the design by leaving them blank. While not all negative space tattoos are done in all black, it’s most common, considering blackwork will create the most contrast and, in turn, create a crisp tattoo design.

what is negative space tattoos style

Saving Time with Negative Space Design Tattoo

Negative space tattoos were invented for the sole purpose of saving time and resources because, instead of drawing using details, the artist uses shadow and light. They draw around the design and leave the drawing itself blank to let your eyes complete the tattoo shape.

The Location of Negative Space Tattoos on Your Body

Since the actual shape of your tattoo will be left blank and colored with your skin, you need to choose a place where your skin doesn’t have many blemishes and scars. It would be better if you chose an area that doesn’t grow much hair, so it doesn’t distort the tattoo’s shape. 

Another rule that applies to negative and normal tattoos is that it’s better to choose an area of the body that won’t distort the tattoo’s appearance when you move. For example, the stomach is generally an area to avoid.

hand negative space tattoo design

Negative Space Tatoos from Any Designs

Any design can be made into a negative space tattoo, but it may require more planning than just knowing what you want. Make sure you plan out negative space designs with an experienced tattoo artist to ensure that the proportions are right and the correct areas are filled in versus what is left bare.

However small intricate negative spaces do not age well, as the color around these small details blur, they will eventually fill in these negative spaces with tattoo color from the surrounding area. Depending on how small the space is it can distort the detail or fill it up completely.