Best EZ Tattoo Tattooing Machines

In general there are two versions of tattoo machines are used today outside the traditional tattoo tools. A standard tattoo machine and a rotary tattoo machine. Simply put, standard tattoo machine, use coils and a rod to do the up and down movement of the tattoo machine.

Rotaries take over a lot though, with a much quieter function and also easier to use for extended periods of time, they are becoming the machine of choice. With the ability to stop “white fingers”, a common problem that tattooists had after worked with vibrating machines for years, they easily become the best tattoo machines.  

As tattoo technology continues to develop, it’s hard to know what to look for when buying a new tattoo machine. Your tattoo machine becomes an extension of you, so you want to make sure it matches your style, quality and work intensity. As usual, there is absolutely no one-size-fits-all purchase!

Here, we would like to share the one of the best tattoo machines we have been using for years from one of popular tattoo equipments brand in the world, the EZ Tattoo.

The EZ tattoo machine were first founded in 2005, only focusing on the rotary side of machines. Since then the brand grows and many best tattoo studios and tattoo artists have used their tattooing products worldwide. Each of the EZ tattoo machine discussed here is an example of a rotary machine and two of them being a pen-style gun.

In comparison with coil machines, rotary machines are generally quieter, more versatile and gentler on the skin. They tend to have more fluidity when it comes to needle movement but the coil is often preferred for more intricate line work.

Avant Pen – EZ Tattoo Cartridge Machine

Avant Pen EZ Tattoo Cartridge

Avant pen is the latest version of the EZ Maxon Motor Cartridge Pen machine. It was designed and developed by EZ Tattoo team with modularity in mind, which allows the user to disassemble, lubricate and maintain easily. The enhanced motor allow you to make your tattoo smoothly and precisely. Perfect designed for easy maintenance and lubrication as well having high precision motor for a longer tattoo session. One of the great tattoo machines.

EZ Tattoo Machine: Astral

EZ Tattoo Machine Astral

The Astral is a balanced upright drive rotary tattoo machine with a high quality Japanese motor to provide a consistent pressure that is gentle on the skin. The frame has been crafted from lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum and the machine itself is available in a selection of different colors, including red, silver, purple and black. Both versions come with a hard, soft and medium plunger bar, as well as an interchangeable drive system to suit the tattoo artists’ preferences.

EZ Tattoo – Filter V2 Pen

EZ Tattoo Filter V2 Pen

The EZ Filter V2 Pen is designed to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine. Taking the EZ filter pen to the next level, they have addressed some of the previous concerns and transformed performance with the inclusion of a Swiss-imported Maxon Motor. The EZ filter v2 tattoo pen has been purposely designed to reduce vibrations, and it is much quieter than the previous model and comparable machines. If you are looking for an EZ rotary tattoo machine that offers excellent quality and a high finish, the Filter V2 Pen could be right for you.



The last EZ Tattoo best tattooing machine on our list is the EZTAT2 Bat. A popular machine, this has an interchangeable cam system at 3.0, 3,5 and 4,0mm. The ability to swap out cam rods to match your personal preferences is reported to enable you to maintain the highest quality and provides excellent versatility. The EZTAT2 cartridge tattoo machine uses a Cheyenne grip and cartridge system and the grips are available in black or grey, and feature a non-slip screw design. The frame and chassis on this machine have been from top quality aircraft aluminum, which is durable yet lightweight. The machines’ features descriptions are credit to