Go for Quality and Choose A Realistic Or 3D Tattoo

If you want a tattoo in an impressively detailed style, then a realistic tattoo or 3D tattoo might be for you. In this blog, we will briefly discuss these two styles and explain how they are made. For more information or examples, stop by Secret Arts Private Tattoo Studio in Umalas, Canggu, Bali who specialise in realistic and 3D tattoos.

How does the effect of a three-dimensional 3D tattoo work?

You probably know what perspective drawing is. By making things that are further away smaller than things that are close by, the illusion of depth is created in a two-dimensional drawing. But for a real and realistic 3D effect, it takes more than just perspective. This is done by adding light and shadow to the drawing. With light and shadow, all subtle spatial effects are turned on and amplified giving you that real 3D effect.

Two 3D effects: on or under

Two effects can be created with a 3D tattoo. The first effect is the one in which your object appears to be standing on your skin or floating above it. The advantage of this technique is that color can be used well and these colors also remain realistic.

The second technique is the one in which the illusion is created that a piece of skin is missing and one can see through the skin. In this process, therefore, an object has no shadow or the skin, but the skin, it seems, casts a shadow on the object.

A realistic tattoo

Do you want a tattoo that looks as real as a picture, then a realistic tattoo can be made for you. This way you can always carry your favorite animal, person or symbol with you on your skin.

The history of the realistic tattoo

Realistic painting techniques have been around for hundreds of years and have become more and more realistic over time. With the rise of tattoo art in 1970s prison culture in the United States, realism became one of the dominant styles here as well.

Styles and techniques in realistic tattoos

As with the 3D tattoo, light and shadow are very important in creating a realistic tattoo. Above all, it is a style that requires an experienced and skilled realistic tattoo artist. So make sure you see examples of the person you are going to tattoo.

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