Is Tattoo Ink Safe?

Is Tattoo Ink Safe for Human Body?

Is tattoo ink safe? Many of those who want tattooing their body have this kind of question in their mind. Actually it is a good question as tattoo is under the skin for life and it is therefore very important that the ink does not contain harmful substances. Tattoos are basically insertion of solid pigments, dissolved in a liquid carrier, into the skin to create the colour.

It is not easy to know for sure what is in tattoo ink. The biggest problem with identifying the ingredients, most manufacturers of tattoo ink come from the USA and therefore fall under the FDA regulations where rules are slightly less strict than in Europe. While in the EU is a bit stricter with allowing various ink types and brands but before must be tested by the GGD (Regional Public Health Service). During this check the ingredients are strictly examined and therefore almost certainly we can assume that the tattoo inks supplied by tattoo shops with an approved GGD permit are safe.

What's in Tattoo Ink?


Most tattoo inks use some form of pigmentation along with a carrier or base material. The carrier solution does not vary much from one ink to another. The carrier acts as a solvent and distributes the pigment from the tip of the needle to the surrounding skin. Carriers keep the ink mixed more evenly, free of germs and aid in application. When alcohol is used as a base, it will increase the permeability of the skin, transporting more pigment into the dermis.

Pigments Used in Tattoo Ink

Pigments give the tattoos the often vibrant colors. In the past, pigments were made with ground carbon or ash to create a black ink. Many ancient tattoo tribes used the soot of charred wood for their trunk markings.

Today's inks still use some original mineral pigments, in addition to modern industrial organic pigments. Certain pigments can also be vegetable or plastic based, depending on the desired color.

Research has shown that tattoo inks use over 200 different types of dyes and additives, including the heavy metals, which are such small amounts that they are undetected by an MRI scanner or metal detector.

So, if you are a tattoo addict, please consider that the more you ink your body, the higher the dose of heavy metals running through your bloodstream.

Are Organic or Vegan Tattoo Inks Safer?


The trend towards vegan food and organic products suggests that organic inks will also be healthier or safer. Over the past two decades, many ink manufacturers have made the transition from mineral inks to organic inks. About 80 percent of these inks are carbon-based, while 60 percent may also use azo pigments.

Some organic inks will be produced using animal products, such as bone char, beetle shellac or animal fat glycerin. Other organic compounds used for pigmentation can be beeswax or cod liver oil.

Manufacturers making vegan tattoo inks for the vegan market will usually replace animal by-products, such as animal glycerin, with a vegetable glycerin.

While many of the toxins in organic inks may be missing, they can still contain heavy metals, such as titanium oxide. They are also not completely free of risks, with the risk of contamination in the production process still present depending on the production environment and sterilisation methods.

What Ink Does Secret Arts Tattoo Studio Use?
Credit: Tattoo Life International

We at Secret Arts Tattoo same count for most of Private Tattoo Studio Bali have been using the tattoo ink from Intenze for many years. The Intenze brand has been around for many years and is known by world famous artists as a very good manufacturer, made by tattoo artists for tattoo artists! Quality and safety are priority concern at Intenze,. Moreover, Intenze's pigments are 100% vegan! Not only does this mean that their products contain no animal products and are not tested on animals, it also means that Intenze's inks contain very little to no toxic substances.

More of Intenze Tattoo Brand

As you may know, Intenze tattoo ink ingredients are all vegan, making this marque one of the safest manufacturers on the market. The main components in the ingredient list include glycerin and isopropyl alcohol, safe enough to use with no skin worry. The marque ensures that there are no toxic or dangerous chemical ingredients in the products.

Intenze has been producing ink since 2001 and they were the first company to label their ink bottles and disclose their ingredients. They are also known as the safest producer of ink because of their up to date technology to sterilise. The Intenze's Gold Label ink is sterilised by gamma radiation that kills microorganisms in the product and its packaging. This method is extremely effective and complies with European tattoo ink regulations.

So suppose you are concerned about the skin irritations on customers with sensitive skin, this brand is the go-to choice for you. You need not to worry that they may come across any health risks.