The Tribal: A Classic Tattoo with Many Possibilities

When you think about tattoo styles, the tribal tattoo is one that will come up first for many people. It is a very old tradition that is still used today by practically all tattoo artists. In this blog we will tell you more about its background and what is possible with it today.

About Tribal Tattoo

Everyone who are tattoo enthusiast will recognise a tribal tattoo. They consist of mostly black lines, geometric shapes and patterns and you see them everywhere. Originally, it is a tradition that came from indigenous tribes around the world. Each tribe, or tribe, used tattoos in its own way and many styles can be recognized from around the world, well-known examples are Maori or Polynesian tattoos.

They were widely used to recognise people of a tribe, to indicate social status, they were put on transitional rituals, such as coming of age, and there were also certain spiritual tribal tattoos.

Since such tribes used simple techniques and obviously lacked technological means, simple tattoos were created with needles made from, for example, bone and with vegetable ink. Putting shadows was not possible.

Different Types of Tribal Tattoos

If you want to get a tribal tattoo, you can initially choose a traditional tribal. In such a case, it is interesting to know the history of a particular tribal style. The Maori, for example, are the original admirers of New Zealand and they have a very specific style that was used mainly on the face, with different shapes and patterns having specific meanings. There are shapes for things like prosperity, courage and strength, or infinity.

Another well-known and widely used style is the Polynesian tattoo. By studying such a tradition, you can choose the forms that suit you.

Of course, it is not necessary to stick to the tradition. For example, many forms from the Maori tradition are put today in other places of just the face and are also often combined with the Polynesian style, because these two styles go well together.

It is also possible to make traditional designs of certain tribes more modern by adding shadows and shades of gray, or by combining them with more modern or figurative styles.

When you come to Secret Arts Tattoo, the tattoo artist can tell you a lot about the available styles and also advise you on how to use them up in new, modern ways.

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