7 Best Style of Body Suit Tattoo

Getting a tattoo suit for the body needs serious commitment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a design and style that match the body. The bodysuit is the greatest masterpiece in tattoo art. Japanese Irezumi tattooing, commonly regarded as the birth of bodysuits, is essential for their initial rise to fame. Talent can cover his entire body with beautiful ink paintings of various styles.

Different tattoo styles will make different impressions. There is even a random tattoo style match the body. Do you intend to cover your whole body in ink? Here are the top 7 bodysuit tattoo designs.

  • Traditional Japanese Bodysuit

As previously said, the Japanese tattoo is the beginning of the bodysuit tattoo. Traditional Japanese bodysuit tattoos look like an eagle with embellishments that appear bold but have complex designs.

The eagle has a profound metaphorical value related to power and dominance. It is also considered an ambassador of god. Thus, the eagle bodysuit tattoo adds meaning to your life in addition to increasing your style quotient.

Japanese tattoos are made in parts and cover the entire body. Each Traditional Japanese tattoo complements the preceding and potentially the next, but they are equally stunning as a pair.

There is a backpiece area, arm, and chest for portrayal in the body. Tattoos on the hands and neck are not typical Japanese tattoos, but they are becoming more popular.

  • Japanese Dragon Tattoo Bodysuit

This style's focal element is the dragon, which is the most popular theme in Japanese tattoos. It's unique because it doesn't cover the wearer's arms, like commonly seen in other full bodysuits.

The black and red ink that became its identity sculpted the complex details of the design pattern. In comparison, the yellow tint appears to contrast with the triangular bone structure on the skin.

Its fangs are evident inside its mouth, and the hooked horns on either side of its head are inked plainly. This style embodies a dragon's strength and hope.

  • Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo

The exquisite ink colors enhance the realistic design that is typical of the Hannya Mask Style. The main point is the mask, with the eyes sticking out of their yellow sockets.

The demon's protruding mouth is shown in brilliant crimson with black teeth. It's actually a portrayal of the Japanese Noh theatre's jealous demon. The addition of a dragon on the arm will heighten the impression.

  • Gorgeous Poseidon Bodysuit Tattoo

Poseidon is the Greek god of water, so this style is categorized in realism artwork. A burst of orange thunderbolt highlights the golden trident against the black sky in the backdrop.

In the water, Poseidon rides a shark. In Japanese ink style, wavy surf on the ocean is painted with beautiful nuances. This bodysuit tattoo is very dynamic and realistic if you find the professional tattoo artist.

  • Bodysuit tattoo of a Chinese Lion

Chinese lion bodysuit tattoos display characteristics that stand for power and greatness. Because they resemble guards, Chinese lions are sometimes called guardian lions and foo dogs.

The sharpness of his eyes and his gasping mouth are the most recognizable images in this style. The pattern created by the black ink is lovely and endearing.

The trident emblem on the lion's forehead represents spirituality in its purest form. The wings of this tattoo are inked with a variety of motifs and floral accents.

  • Geometric Bodysuit Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are unisex as they look fantastic in both men and women. Geometric tattoos that are appropriate for men have style flexibility and may be adjusted to look more masculine. Designs such as wolf, sacred, and mountain geometric are suitable for men.

However, a geometric style with an octopus motif and abstract geometric features is a fantastic choice for a feminine bodysuit. The gray and black polyhedral geometric details complement the look. The details on the thighs are typically more minimalist, whereas other sections of the body, particularly the backpiece, are more intricate.

  • Floral Bodysuit Tattoo

Tattoos with flower themes are basic tattoos that are increasingly popular. This also looks good for both men and women.

The selection of ink depends on one's preference. Because they resemble lengthy sleeves, black and gray floral arm sleeves are particularly popular with ladies. The tattoo, composed of different types of flower designs with black ink, is also very popular with both women and men.

Those are some different styles of tattoos suit for the body for your reference. If you are not satisfied with one particular style, you can try tattoo style combination in the body. Art has no limits, after all, and that includes body art. Just be sure to pick an exceptionally competent tattoo artist if you don't want to regret it.