Indonesia Most Developed Tattoo Industry Area is Bali

Bali is claimed to be the area with the most advanced tattoo industry as many foreign tourists come to the Island of the Gods specifically to tattoo the body.

For one tattoo project, tattoo artists can be paid from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 30,000,000. This price is relatively cheap compared to the country of origin of those foreign tourists. Although cheaper, tourists love the artwork of Balinese tattoo artists because of the attractive image designs and almost all tattoo studios in Bali using modern and international standard equipment so that in terms of the tattoo results and also comfort, they are not less inferior from tattoo studios abroad. The use of safe and sterile equipment will of course make tourists feel comfortable so that they can linger in the studio for new tattoos placement.

The rapid development of Bali tourism has a significant influence on the development of the tattoo industry in this area. For sure, Bali is the highest market for tattoo equipment sales. This proves the rapid development of the tattoo industry in Bali. With the development of tourism, surely the tattoo business also grows.

In its development, the tattoo business in Bali is now starting to explore new tourist areas. As before, the tattoo business mushroomed in the Legian area, then when tourists began to move to new locations such as Canggu, the tattoo business then began to expand into the area. In fact, the presence of Legian tattoo studios are very easy to find, which is only one or two shophouses apart.

According to tattoo artists in Bali, tourists who deliberately come to Bali for a tattoo are vary from teenagers to housewives. They can stay in Bali for a week just to do new tattoo placement. Although many tourists want to get a tattoo in Bali, the locals are no less fond of this body painting. Most Balinese people become tattoo artists because of their love for the art of drawing and also because there are so many tattoo enthusiasts, both local and foreign, that can be good prospects. Tattoos are also very promising livelihood in the tourism industry.