Cover Up Tattoo: All The Frequently Asked Questions

Want to do cover up tattoo but still in doubt? We have summarize some frequently asked questions related tattoo covering. Choosing a tattoo is sometimes complicated, but for various reasons we may change our mind and end up wanting to cover up an old tattoo with a new design. 

The cover-up is exactly a tattoo which has a main “task” is to cover another old tattoo hidden underneath thanks to the new design. Although today there is the possibility of erasing the tattoo with laser technology, the truth is that the vast majority of people continue to decide on the cover-up.

You should know how to choose well where you want to get the tattoo and also how to choose the design well so as not to have to make another cover on which we are going to do. Keep in mind that covering gives the tattoo cover more space, so another cover may be somewhat complicated.

cover-up tattoo cost more

Should I get laser removal before getting a cover-up tattoo?

It is not always essential to get a laser tattoo treatment before every cover-up. If your tattoo is already a little faded, the chances are that your cover-up won’t need any laser removal treatment. But in some cases, your tattoo artists might ask you to get at least one or two sessions to fade your tattoo. 

Can I still see old tattoos under cover-up?

As discussed before it is very important to find a tattoo artist who has good experience with cover-ups. Because in many cases the cover-ups look very nice and opaque when it’s fresh. But once the tattoo is healed the previous tattoo may start showing up. Hence it is really important to go to a professional tattoo artist that has a good result of cover-ups even after healing. 

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Can I cover up a black tattoo with color?

In general, cover-ups should be in deeper colors. So it’s not really possible to hide a black tattoo with color. A little faded black tattoo can be covered with a dark color in some circumstances, although this is rare. But if the black part is very prominent, only black and grey cover-ups are the options. 

Does a cover-up tattoo hurt more?

The artist needs to ink over a wounded tissue while doing a cover-up tattoo. There is a chance that it will hurt a bit more than your first tattoo. Although it depends from person to person. There are people who feel no difference in the pain between the first tattoo and the coverup tattoo. It is, nevertheless, considerably less painful than laser tattoo removal.

Does a cover-up tattoo cost more?

Well, they are bigger than your first tattoo, so those are going to surely add some more to the bill. Also, the artist has to put more effort in planning and design, as well as the execution. So it should come as no surprise if the cover-up tattoo costs more. 

At Secret Arts Bali Tattoo Studio we have a very good track record in covering up tattoos that have healed perfectly done by one of our talented cover up resident tattoo artist specializing in cover up tattoo. So if you are looking to cover up unwanted tattoo anymore, then you know where to look!