How to Pick A Tattoo Style for Beginner

Interested in getting a tattoo on your body? But, you are still a beginner who has never known tattoos? You need a few tips to get a tattoo that suits you. Remember, a tattoo is a long-term thing, so your decision is really important. Well, now, how to pick a tattoo style that is suitable for you? Nobody wants to regret choosing their tattoo style. The following guidance will help you choose the ideal tattoo style before printing ink on your body.

Know yourself

First, before you choose what tattoo is right for you, you have to answer what the tattoo is for. Tattoos are made as a lasting sign of something or even someone you love. Know what you are getting a tattoo for. If you aim for yourself, find something you like. List favorite things that really represent you.

In addition, tattoos are usually used to commemorate someone. If you make a tattoo for a loved one, for example, your partner, think carefully about what object represents the two of you. Or, maybe you can draw a silhouette of the face if you want to remember your mother, for example. What is clear is that you know the purpose of tattooing your body because this is a lasting sign.

Know the type of tattoo

Before you tattoo your body, you must know the style of the tattoo. How to choose a tattoo style depends on your desire. Of course, there are many types of tattoos, but here are the seven most popular tattoo styles that beginners must know!


Traditional tattoos are famous for their characteristics which have thick lines and bright base colors. Examples of these traditional tattoos are anchors, roses, flags, and hearts. This tattoo style was quite popular in its time, but until now, it is still popular.


Realism tattoos have been popular since the 1950s and have been a part of fine art since the Renaissance. The characteristic of realistic tattoos is that they are photo-realistic. Therefore, this style is best suited for those who wish to portray close friends, well-known figures, the outdoors, or the things you cherish the most. Choose a truly skilled artist, though, as this technique is challenging because it must appear realistic.


A tattoo script is a tattoo that adopts writing in its design. The script style’s primary design element is text. If you plan to create words you will remember forever, this tattoo style is for you.


Japanese tattoos are usually in the form of Japanese folklore, Japanese kanji, and tattoos that evoke classical Japanese traditions and art. Usually, Japanese tattoos are black, but they can also have other colors added to something with the desired design. Japanese tattoos are complicated if they depict written characters or letters with complex designs.


Tattoos in the watercolor style are a trend that is gaining popularity. Watercolor has creative characteristics with beautiful colors by imitating watercolor painting and layered tattoo ink to simulate brushed-on watercolor effects. This tattoo is suitable for those of you who want to describe fun.


Geometric tattoos are characterized by complex designs oriented to geometric images or mathematical formulas. The patterns and shapes have geometric characteristics, such as the flower of life and metatron’s cube. Another example of geometric tattoos is the nautilus shell which is currently quite popular.


Tribal tattoos were popular in the 80-90s, with tribal styles borrowing from Polynesian, Samoan, and Maori tattoos. The tribal style is characterized by sharp, precise, intricate lines and black ink forming the pattern. The impression of loving culture will be seen if you use this style.

Look for inspiration

Start looking at tattoo magazines or social media that explore the styles of tattoos carved by artists. Look at celebrities or public figures you loved to get an idea of the hottest tattoo designs. Or you can also explore the Instagram artists who post the results of their tattoos. This will possibly inspire you.

Ask tattoo artist

Consulting with a tattoo artist is one way to get the perfect design. Whatever you want to say, those of you who lack knowledge will benefit immensely from the guidance of this tattoo artist. But still, believe in yourself. If the advice doesn’t suit you, consider making some changes.

Ask yourself

Those are some tips for choosing which tattoo style is right for you. Think carefully before choosing. If you want a tattoo with meaning, you shouldn’t rush to choose a design. Take it deep, so you won’t regret it later. Before you ask how to find my tattoo style, you should answer what I like the most. That would be very helpful.