What is Color Photorealism Tattooing?

Color photorealism tattooing is the successor to black and grey photorealism tattoo style. The development of color has a deep history in the tattoo world. First found in the Japanese style and then also in Old School.

Back then colors were limited, but today we have an infinite range of colors available. This allows us to create intensely vivid photorealistic tattoos. Unlike black and grey photorealism, color photorealism is more cheerful and bright.

Color adds depth to a tattoo, especially when combined with black and gray tones. Creating a realistic tattoo in color is a more complicated process and therefore takes a little longer.

Realism in color gives a new dimension to the subject. Several layers must be applied to get the right result. Color learning is a must in this process. The artist must have a good command of these techniques.

All subjects are possible in this style. Often portraits of loved ones, acquaintances and deceased persons among others are set.

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