Mandala Tattoo Ideas, Design & Meanings

Things you need to know about the Mandala tattoo ideas, design and meanings. 

What is A Mandala Tattoo?

The word Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. A mandala tattoo, like a circle, represents eternity, perfection and balance. All the visual elements that balance the design of mandala tattoo translates to harmony and unity.

Mandala tattoo has now become one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. First of all, a mandala is quite simple and beautiful with very many different meanings.

Mandala originally is hugely brought from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It would be advisable to go for a black tattoo if you want to source your mandala design from Hindu. This is because black mandala tattoo is closer to the sand version and it is often used in the Hindu culture.

Other religions are also using the mandala and now the mandala tattoo is no longer a symbol for Buddhism and Hindu religions only.

A Mandala is constructed by symmetrical lines that form a whole. You can choose to leave it at just the lines or you can choose to give the mandala more substance through shadows, dotwork or a combination of both.

A mandala is excellent as a stand-alone tattoo but is also very suitable as a filler and/or background. A mandala is also very suitable as part of a larger tattoo. Common combinations with mandalas are for example plants, flowers, animals or abstract images next to (or incorporated in) the mandala.

For a mandala tattoo there is a fair amount of technique involved, you have fine line work, geometry, dotwork and different levels of shading. If a tattoo artist masters all this, then you can have a design made without any worries. You will always have a unique design.

Some Examples of Mandala Tattoos:

Geometric Shapes


Mandala Sleeve

Want to Get a Mandala Tattoo?

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