The Best Instagrammable Spots in Canggu Bali

Bali seems to have so many beautiful things in this world. Whether it’s limitless ocean views, stunning sunsets or a huge selection of things to do & eat, Bali has everything you need to be the most photogenic place in the world.

So, what are the best Instagrammable spots in Bali? Everything looks spectacular in Bali, but Canggu is definitely one of the best places to get Insta photos!

What are some Instagramable places in Canggu?

Canggu is one of the most popular destinations in Bali today. Located on the north side of Seminyak, this place is fast becoming one of the popular vacation spots in Bali thanks to its incredible beaches, stunning rice fields and unique atmosphere. This place is known to be home to worldly digital nomads and yoga practitioners, offering them an oasis of relaxation and inspiration.

This makes Canggu one of the best Instagram spots in Bali. If you are going to Canggu for the first time, be prepared to enjoy the best time of your life. And, most importantly, don’t forget to bring your camera because you’ll have plenty of instragammable places to shoot.


As the name implies, Parachute is one of the hangout places in the Canggu area of ​​Bali in the form of a parachute. Yes, under this big parachute there is a cafe which is the newest hangout spot in Canggu.

The design is unique, artistic, and stunning with an elegant feel and full of instagrammable angles, so it is recommended to bring a camera/mobile phone with sufficient memory. Why? Yes, because there are many corners to shoot.

The atmosphere around Parachute is still beautiful because visitors can see the view of the rice fields from here. When night falls, the atmosphere becomes even more romantic with dramatic decorative lights. What a perfect hangout in the Canggu area.

Panama Kitchen & Pool

You want to enjoy the Santorini-style atmosphere and relaxed beach life? If yes, then just come to Panama Kitchen & Pool which is located in Berawa Beach area, Canggu.

Here, you can feel the sensation of Santorini style because Panama Kitchen & Pool has an architectural design with a typical Santorini atmosphere with buildings and walls painted white and blue.

You can also relax by the pool or swim in the pool while enjoying burgers, cocktails, mocktails, or milkshakes. With the atmosphere on offer, it’s no wonder that Panama Kitchen & Pool is one of the recommended hangout spots in Canggu, Bali.

Pablo’s Canggu

Full of color and Latino nuances, that’s Pablo’s Canggu which is one of the recommended hangout spots in the Canggu area, Bali. This place is perfect for those of you who like to hang out while hunting for photos to upload to Instagram because Pablo’s Canggu is really instagrammable!

Every corner is designed with a variety of bright and striking colors in the style of the city of Medellin Columbia and is suitable for photographs. By the way, here are also displayed a number of photos of one of the controversial figures from Colombia, Pablo Escobar. Don’t worry, Pablo’s Canggu has nothing to do with it. Also try Latin American street food while you’re here.

La Brisa
– Instragrammable Spot

Want to enjoy the beach atmosphere that is literally on the beach? Just go straight to La Brisa Bali. The concept is to sit back and relax on the beach so it is suitable for those of you who like the beach.

The atmosphere is chill and romantic, especially at the moment before sunset. Don’t want to swim in the beach? You can immediately swim in the swimming pool while enjoying fresh cocktails and mocktails with a beach background and sunset atmosphere.

Cabina Bali

One of the other recommended hangout spots in Canggu is Cabina Bali. This place is one of the tropical paradises in Canggu Bali and is famous for its floating breakfast.

So, for those of you who want to experience a floating breakfast, you don’t have to order expensively at the hotel because you can do it at Cabina Bali too! The design is like a tropical beach resort with a swimming pool in the middle. Making this place one of Instagrammable Spots in Canggu.

Although it looks small, Cabina Bali can provide a tropical Balinese warmth. Don’t forget to prepare your swimsuit and camera to capture the moment while you’re at Cabina Bali!

La Laguna

The next Instagrammable Spots in Canggu is La Laguna. Having a similar concept to La Brisa, La Laguna is also one of the recommended hangout spots in Canggu Bali that offers a relaxed sensation on the beach, literally.

Carrying the concept of alfresco dining with a vintage feel and a bohemian gypsy style, making La Laguna so beautiful to be captured in photos. One of my favorite photo angles is on the wooden bridge that connects La Laguna with Kayuputih Beach, it’s really beautiful!

Towards sunset aka sunset, the atmosphere is even more romantic with the orange tinge of the sun slowly sinking plus the dim light of decorative lights. Interested to come here?

Folie Pattiserie

The design is very girlie, the colors are dominated by pink and pastel colors and has many murals with floral nuances, no wonder Folie Pattiserie is one of the recommended hangout places to visit in Canggu Bali.

For those of you who like taking pictures, this place is heaven because every corner of this Folie Pattiserie is photogenic and very instagrammable. Folie Pattiserie serves delicious French dishes and pastries. Not only delicious, but also beautiful.

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