UV Tattoo Style aka The Glow in The Dark Tattoo

UV Tattoo Style or Glow in The Dark Tattoo or Blacklight Tattoo is a great way to put a vibrant spin on traditional ink. Most people assume that this tattoo style creates an ever-glowing design, but the truth is that most glow-in-the-dark tattoos only glow under a blacklight.

 This tattooing technique is perfect for any of these three reasons: if you don’t want to have an especially visible tattoo; if you want to be the life of the party; or if you want to add a bit of pizzaz to a regular tattoo.

This style of tattooing is fairly new compared to a lot of other techniques, and it became popular in the 1990s due to the rise of the neon trend. When the style was originally developed, artists would use an ink solution containing phosphorus as well as traditional pigments. However, this technique was deemed dangerous due to phosphorus being a carcinogen that caused a number of skin conditions. 

  • What is UV Tattoo Style?
  • Are UV Tattoo Style Safe?
  • How are UV Tattoo Style Applied?

What is UV Tattoo Style?


UV tattoo also known as glow-in-the-dark or blacklight tattoos, are tattoos done with special ink that becomes visible under ultraviolet light. Depending on the ink used for the tattoos, these tattoos can be almost completely invisible during the regular light exposure, which is super convenient for people who hide their tattoos for personal or work-related reasons.

Black lights are also known as ultraviolet (UV) lights, and are often found in settings like nightclubs and raves. Black Light Tattoos are created using UV-reactive ink, which makes it nearly invisible in plain daylight, but visible under an ultraviolet bulb.

Are UV Tattoo Style Safe?

Are UV Tattoo Style Safe for the skin?

The FDA has not approved UV ink as being safe for humans. Some advertisements may suggest this, but this ink has only been approved for use in fishing and agricultural industries. There are no reliable studies that have been done on the safety of using this ink for human tattoos. Those who have used UV ink for tattoos have reported a number of skin issues. They have had infections, blisters and rashes because of the UV ink.

How are UV Tattoo Style Applied?


UV tattoos are applied in the same way that regular tattoos are applied. However, they require more skill and take your time to apply. One of the things that makes applying a UV tattoo more difficult is the fact that a black light needs to be available and often used to ensure that the tattoo is being applied properly. Also, the ink is thinner, which makes it more difficult to work with. It is also more difficult to blend the colors.